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” Making art in the 21st century we find ourselves in an increasingly mediatised and manipulative global culture. We are observing the disappearance of agriculture as the predominant human activity, with information technology redefining our relations with others in space and time. In a way it is the artist’s ability to witness events with a certain poetic detachment that can access the truth within a range of images. Rather than using the moving image as passive consumption I am interested in making it into a state of active discussion. I feel that it is crucial that the artist today continues to resist orthodox marketing strategies within administered cultures and to find a context and site, which is often in the gaps – the imaginative spaces that so often represent the margins and the other.”
stills from aftermath 2016, Sidoarjo , East Java , Indonesia
Susan Norrie works across media including video, photography and painting. Her recent projects have focused on intercultural issues. Norrie was one of three artists representing Australia at the 52nd Venice Biennale, 2007. In the last 20 years she has developed a practice that sees and uses art as a tool for political commentary. The Asia Pacific has been her focus, incorporating the environmental and humanitarian disasters that have impacted on the region. Norrie’s videos are predominantly metaphoric, combining art, documentary and film.